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Frequency Idea Come From

May 23, 2022 This article explains where frequency healing came from, how it can heal, or should I say “not-heal” for the purposes of this article not being deleted. The whole idea has been suppressed, taken out of context, and belittled by people in power. Now, over 65 years later, Mr. Rife's genius machine has been reverse-engineered by many. Some have it right, and some are missing the point. This is one article of many to come in regards to the “healing power of frequency" (hertz). how everything has a signature or wave length of energy, when cells are optimized to the correct hertz. When they can work like they were created to, the healing begins. 

problem with modern culture

The problem with modern culture is that we are all educated from a young age to use chemicals to treat sickness. We are instructed to "visit our doctor" from the moment we are awake. Every year, we are told this hundreds of times, and it is repeated for the rest of our lives until we die. The same is true for "take this prescription or pill" for this or that ailment. Get this vaccine, get a blue pill, and so on. It never ends: you can't read a magazine, look at TV, or listen to the radio without being bombarded with continual message reinforcement. (…) There are several alternatives to using chemicals.

Attempts To Cure Cancer Using Low Levels Of Electric And Magnetic Fields, Have Been Made Throughout The Last Century, But Not Spoken Of, To The General Public.

Working Towards a Cure

Many attempts to cure cancer using low levels of electric and magnetic fields have been made throughout the last century. We've created noninvasive biofeedback assessment instruments and methodologies and found that patients with the same kind of tumor show biofeedback responses to the same exact frequencies. Intrabuccal delivery of 27.12 MHz radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are amplitude-modulated at tumor-specific frequencies leads to long-term objective responses in cancer patients without major side effects. Intrabuccal administration enables the therapeutic transmission of very low and safe doses of EMF throughout the body, as shown in the femur, liver, adrenal glands, and lungs. In vitro tests have shown that patients with different types of cancer have different tumor frequencies.

Cancer Cells Have The Ability To Stop Tumors

Cancer cells have the ability to stop tumor cells from growing in certain tissues and tumors. According to current research, tumor-specific modulation frequencies control the expression of genes involved in migration and invasion, as well as disturb the mitotic spindle. Because of its high tolerability, this unique targeted therapy method is emerging as a promising therapeutic alternative for patients with advanced cancer. Dissecting the molecular processes underlying tumor-specific modulation frequencies' anti-cancer actions is expected to lead to the identification of new cancer pathways. Magnetism and electricity were first properly characterized in the 16th and 18th centuries, respectively, after their presence had been postulated since antiquity. In 1820, Oersted was the first person to notice and write down how electricity and magnetism affect each other. He showed that an electric current can move a magnetic needle [1, 2]. Faraday later demonstrated that a changing magnetic field creates an electric field, and Maxwell mathematically united the ideas of electricity and magnetism. Lorentz came up with the theory of electromagnetics after it was found in 1895 that the electron was the elementary particle that carried the electric charge.

Additional electromagnetic waves, including visible light, ultraviolet light, and X rays, were discovered, leading to a description of the electromagnetic spectrum and the categorization of all electromagnetic waves according to the electromagnetic spectrum classification system. The earliest medical uses of electromagnetic fields (EMF) were seen at the turn of the century, particularly in the detection and treatment of disorders like cancer.

External use of electromagnetic radiation was thought to be able to rectify disease-causing changes in electromagnetic frequencies or energy fields within the body. Abrams created a number of devices in order to treat ailments, most notably cancer [6], [7]. He thought that diseases could be cured by sending back the same electrical "vibratory rate" that the disease was sending. Between 1923 and 1924, Scientific American magazine convened a committee to look into Abrams' findings [8], concluding that "the claims offered on behalf of Abrams' electronic reactions, and electronic practice in general, are not substantiated" [6].

In the 1920s, Lakhovsky invented the radio-cellular oscillator [9]. This gadget generated RF EMF at a frequency of 150 MHz. He proposed that EMF aided "cell oscillations." Despite being a divisive figure at the time, he appears to have had some success with his treatments [10]. Mr. Rife said that many diseases, including cancer, were caused by different kinds of bacteria. In the mid-1930s, he made a microscope that could see these bacilli. He also made the Rife Frequency Generator, also called the Rife Ray Machine.

Rife Ray Machine, could find and kill diseases like cancer by listening to the electrical impulses that sick tissue gave off. Rife's experiments were criticized by the American Medical Association. Because there wasn't enough scientific evidence, almost all medical devices that used low levels of electric and/or magnetic fields to treat cancer were thought to be fake until recently [12]. [ Question To You; Who right now, is the wealthiest family, >? How did they obtain their wealth, ? Where does their family tree derive from.?

Medical Association and Pharma

The Medical Association and the Pharmaceutical Company, were not going to allow anything to stand in the way of “profit.” Even if it meant,, promoting a smear campaign against Mr. Rife and his constituents, Even if it meant to “TORCH” Mr. Rife’s laboratory, Rife Machines and parts being created, plus any remaining data he had, no one could pick up and start again. The Association also paid to have the paper put out headlines mocking him and his claims, making him and his family laughing stocks in the scientific world and beyond.

The ignorant jumped in because they liked to bring others down to their level. This all happened after he was approached by someone affiliated with the Government. Asking if he would sell the patent on his invention. When we see a headline that states, The Rife Machine Does Have Attributes That Can Lead To A Healthier Way Of Life. Really can get under my skin, and I would bet that the voice behind those statements would be none other than, descendants of the family that smeared his reputation. Try to wrap your head around the total, the pharmaceutical company would have missed out on if they acted like true Americans. Let Mr. Rife and his patented machine go on to make history.

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