Healing With Frequency

Internal Electrode Healing With Frequency

This device healed my friend's father of prostate cancer, so I know for a fact that this device works. You have to use it with a low source of power. We don’t want anyone to electrify themselves. I know what you're thinking, and you're right, this does go into the rectum. Again, it’s not to be hooked up to the central generator.



anyone suffering from problems in the lower pelvic region This will considerably improve your chances of a successful recovery, if not a cure. But we didn’t say that. 

People have to remember, “Look at your family tree” “If there are signs of illness”

“BE PROACTIVE. Use this to maintain a healthy lifestyle." If you wait, it is usually too late because that is what led you to discover your illness in the first place. That is why it’s usually too late.

For example, if your parents or grandparents had cancer, you are more likely to develop it yourself. So you get a generator and do some research to see what types of cancers your family has had. 

Locate frequencies that target these types of pathogens.

If you wait and go to the doctor, they will want to put you on radiation. 

You cannot do frequency if you're doing that because, with frequency, you're constantly running detox presets to help facilitate the exit of dead pathogens from your body.

Radiation is toxic, so this type of treatment totally butters heads with other treatments.


I hope that makes sense.

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