Unleashing the Power In Gut Health

The Power In Berberine, Unleashes The Power In Gut Healing

Berberine and Natural Ingredients:


For centuries, Eastern medicine has embraced the incredible healing properties of berberine, a potent plant extract. With its origins dating back to 650 B.C., this Southeast Asian wonder has been revered and utilized in ancient and traditional medicinal practices throughout Asia and Egypt. While scientists and health experts worldwide have extensively studied berberine, its benefits have largely remained hidden from the modern Western world. In this article, we explore the digestive superpower of berberine and its synergistic combination with other natural ingredients, aiming to promote gut health and overall well-being.

Berberine: The Mighty Gut Guardian:

Berberine, likened to an army of friendly soldiers, targets the gut and actively combats the presence of harmful invaders that may have overrun the body. By eliminating undesirable archaea and promoting regular bowel movements, berberine helps restore a sense of lightness and energy. Say goodbye to uncomfortable gas, straining, and excessive wiping, and welcome a slim and confident midsection.

Unleashing the Power of Berberine:

Unlike antibiotics, which are often overprescribed and can have adverse effects, berberine selectively eliminates methane-producing archaea without harming the beneficial gut microbiome. In fact, studies have shown that it even enhances and strengthens the friendly flora, fostering a healthier gut environment. Research conducted at The Johns Hopkins Department of Internal Medicine revealed berberine to be as effective as potent antibiotics in reducing bacterial overgrowth and eliminating archaea, but without the associated side effects. Furthermore, animal studies have demonstrated berberine's ability to eradicate harmful bacteria while promoting the growth of beneficial flora.

Synergistic Ingredients for Enhanced Bioavailability:

Berberine alone poses challenges in terms of absorption and bioavailability. To address this, a combination of gut-healing ingredients has been explored to enhance bioavailability and deliver faster, longer-lasting results.

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL):

Digestive Lubrication for Effortless Pooping:

With its historical use as a digestive aid, DGL has been found to heal the gastrointestinal tract by increasing the body's mucus-producing cells. This protective mucus coating cushions the stomach cells, shielding them from toxins and digestive acids. Moreover, it promotes effortless bowel movements by creating a lubricating effect, enabling smooth passage through the intestines. DGL is the key to achieving perfect poops that glide out with ease, reducing the need for excessive pushing or straining.

Star Anise:

Unveiling the Ancient Secret of Optimal Bile Production:

Another ancient secret, Star Anise, stimulates the digestive tract and triggers the release of bile, the body's natural laxative. Many individuals suffering from constipation unknowingly have low bile levels. Bile acids, essential for breaking down fats and facilitating absorption, also soften stools, ensuring smoother transit through the colon.

The Master Antioxidant for Gut Repair and Allergy Reduction:

Quercetin, a plant-based polyphenol, offers a plethora of health benefits. Acting as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, it aids in combating various diseases and supporting overall well-being. Notably, Quercetin aids in repairing intestinal damage caused by Archaea and other parasites. By patching up the holes in the gut lining and supporting the protective mucosal barrier, it prevents the leakage of harmful particles into the bloodstream. Moreover, Quercetin has the potential to balance hormones during menstruation and menopause.

Amplifying the Power of Berberine and Gut Remodeling:

Resveratrol, the final ingredient in this remarkable combination, significantly boosts the bioavailability and effectiveness of berberine. Recognized for its fat previously buried deep in the walls of the intestines, and feel relief, have more energy, and reclaim vibrant health. Once the pathogenic bacteria are cleared out, the first thing one might notice is that the pooping speed increases. This is because pathogenic bacteria slow digestion to suit their needs. Clear out the bad guys and get things moving again!,


Digestion speed, or pooping speed, measures how much time it takes from eating to pooping. Methane gas, a toxic byproduct from several different strains of bacteria, has been shown in studies to slow pooping speed. This creates constipation, bloating, and stuck poop, and soon there's waste that just hangs around fermenting inside the gut. Emma targets these bacteria to eliminate methane gas, speed up digestion, restore peristalsis, and start fully eliminating waste, daily.


Our special combination of ingredients has been shown to reduce bad bacterial strains such as Desulfovibrionaceae, Acidaminococcaceae, Coriobacteriaceae, Bilophila, Lachnospiraceae, and its genus Lachnoclostridium. These pathogenic strains, which burrow themselves into the deep folds of the intestine, are all associated with excessive weight gain and obesity. Emma fights these bad guys to achieve a lean and trim waistline.


👉🏽 FACT: Most cravings come from pathogenic signaling. That means bad bacteria colonies are trying to change the gut to suit THEIR needs. So a person might be craving snacks, sugar, and all kinds of other things that create a more acidic environment, which allows them to multiply while their host gets sicker, fatter, and more backed up.


Finally, achieve that perfect ‘shape of the colon’ and experience complete relief and total elimination daily. Clean out the colon and feel much lighter and more energetic throughout the day. No more ‘backed up feeling’ or accumulating stuck waste, which ferments in the gut, spreading toxic waste throughout the bloodstream. Enjoy a fresh, clean feeling with a trim waistline.


Many people don’t realize that, besides the colon, the pores of the skin are a major source of elimination. When the colon becomes backed up, the body will find alternate ways to push the toxins out. Unfortunately, that means toxins, irritants, and waste products will be pushed out through the skin, resulting in acne, rosacea, skin rashes, and hives. Fix the elimination problem, and often the skin will clear up within just a few short weeks.



Studies have shown that it's difficult to increase digestion speed without simultaneously increasing metabolism. Which is why our Metabolic Repair Matrix was designed to crank up metabolism, so fat is being burned aggressively instead of sitting around stuck to the intestines feeling bloated, backed up, and heavy.


Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth consumes nutrition from the food and turns it into toxic waste products. Emma is designed to fight these invaders, to help start extracting more nutrition, and to extract the maximum amount of energy from each morsel of food to power through the day feeling alert and motivated.