Heal The Body From Home Using Frequency & Vibrations


Everyone with an Autoimmune Disorder

Or Dealing with Allergies, Food Allergies

Maybe you Have Eczema or Warts or

Maybe you Just Want Your Hair to Grow Back.


We have put together something special: the 1313 hours of research I have done on a non invasive method of healing that can be done on the human anatomy or on animals.

I'd like to share it with you and anyone else who has given up hope of finding a cheap way to heal themselves from the comfort of their own home.

Due to all of the positive things I have heard and seen from around the world and the

fact that it healed or took my symptoms away It left me feeling better than before I had these gut issues.

I hope people can have the success that I and so many others have had, Over 1,000 verified 5-star "testimonials" are public, and I'm sharing them in my research and newsletter for you to hear for yourself. This natural way of healing, I believe, is the way God intended his creation to heal when it breaks down. Another reason I am sharing with you today is because the more people who know about this way of healing, The less likely it is that our government will try to banish it.

The results were incredible. I could write over 50,000 words in regards to this but the easier way would be to, just give you the research notes and audible

files I have on this subject. I put all the information into an eCourse, as it was the most logical way to assemble all of the data I have accumulated while keeping it somewhat organized for all of you.


Bottom line is this, you will have your chance to weigh in,

  1. But I will not accept any comments unless you have tried it firsthand.
  2. I explain the discovery and where it originated.
  3. I include different points of view on the same story about the doctor who discovered this method.
  4. How he designed a Microscope, with over 3,000 parts he built himself, so that he would be able to observe Pathogens at a cellular state.
  5. Then he discovered a way to eradicate them from the body.
  6. He figured a way to bump the toxins from the dead pathogens, out of the body
  7. You will have an audible of most PDF's that were created
  8. You will have videos on people using this machine and how to work it
  9. I have a lesson on each attachment, that can be used for different types of healing or killing of pathogens.
  10. After I heard from my friend tell his dad's story, I had to do my own research because his story was that, Dad had found a way to not only put himself in remission but the next time he went in for a scan. It came back were; the Doctor's could not find any trace of the prostate cancer he had. Where he was like stage 3 or 4. He did no chemo or radiation. But he did go out and buy this machine and the attachment he used was an internal probe. Which you put up your, "you know what" you then set the gauges to what output you want to endure. He used this for a total of 3-4 weeks. That was it. I don't know if you would say, remission or what. There was no trace.
  11. I have included a video of testing at a University where this apporatice was under scurtiny again by authorities. There is so much to gain from the knowledge my PDF's include. That it would be not wise to know and have this info. You don't know, the government can sweep in and take everything. If you don't know or have a unit of your own. You would never know.
  12. Learn the stupid reason why this has been hidden from the mass public's eye and the extent they went to in covering this Genius from ever being discovered.
  13. Just like Nikola Tesla and what the government did with his ideas, the same fate had been delivered to this Doctor.

Below #1 is a code you scan with your phone and you can receive the 1,313 hours of research free or you can give a $3 Donation as well. This will come via download in an email, where you can decide.

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Healing The Inside Out
Module 1: Lesson What Is Frequency,
Chapter 1: Discovering Frequency & How It Works
Lesson 1: Showing You Different Points Of View,
Media Wrote On Raymond Rife
Lesson 2: Raymond Rife & Some Of His Accomplishments
Lesson 3: Life & Death Of Royal Raymond Rife
Lesson 4: Frequency, What Is It & How Can It Help Me
Lesson 5: Trouble Shooting Windows, Using Spooky2 Molds & Insects
Lesson 6: Dr. Rife "Clinical Trials"
Lesson 7: Additional Information On Spooky2 & Rife Machine
Chapter 2: If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
Lesson 8: Frequency Is It A Good Thing 
Lesson 9: Additional Facts On Frequency
Chapter 3: Tens
Lesson 10: Tens Pads
Chapter 4: Tens Pads Kit
Lesson 11: Tens Pads Kit & More
Chapter 5: Vitamins & Minerals
Lesson 12: Vitamins & Minerals
Lesson 13: How Zinc Is Important
Chapter 6: Introducing The Spooky2 Rife Machine
Lesson 14: Equipment & Connections | Parts
Chapter 7: Scalar & Colloidal Silver
Lesson 15: Colloidal Silver & Scalar
Lesson 16: Scalar & How It Works
Chapter 8: Testimonials
Lesson 17: Testimonials
Chapter 9: PEMF Contact
Lesson 18: PEMF
Chapter 10: Radionics
Lesson 19: Radionics
Chapter 11: Phase 2 Testimonials
Lesson 20: Testimonials Phase 2
Chapter 12: Cadillac Of Them All
Lesson 21: Central & Generators
Chapter 13: Spooky2 Portable
Lesson 22: Spooky2 Portable
Chapter 14: Testimonial Warts
Lesson 23: Testimony Warts
Chapter 15: Eye Lashes Testimony
Lesson 24:   Eye Lashes Generator
Chapter 16: Generator System All You Need
Lesson 25: 2 Generator Package
Chapter 17: Internal Electrode
Lesson 26: Internal Electrode & Testimony
Chapter 18: Pet Testimonies
Lesson 27:  Pet Testimonies
Chapter 19: Sound and The Effects On Healing
Lesson 28:  Sound and The Effects On Healing
Lesson 29: Vacuum Bulb & Plasma Bulb
Chapter 20: Testimonials
Lesson 30: A-Z List of What Spooky2 Has Helped With/ Testimonials
Chapter 21: Videos
Lesson 31: Healing With Sound 741Hz
Chapter 22: Miscellaneous
Lesson: 32 Connections & Explanations
Lesson 33: Recalibrating The DNA
Chapter 23: Red Light Therapy
Lesson 34:  Red Light